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Added a Source Map to the docs.

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Source Code Map

This document is a map of the source code, it describes what many of the
directories/files contain.


This contains each of the AST node classes. Each of these is responsible for
encoding the structure of the program, and compiling itself to bytecode.


This contains utility classes for compiling ASTs to bytecode.


This contains logic for performing type coercion on Ruby objects. It contains
implementations for behaviors like, "this Ruby function takes an Integer


This contains logic specific to the current thread of execution in Ruby. It
maintains things like the Ruby call stack.


This contains Ruby frame objects, and assosciated logic for manipulating them.


This contains logic for exposing RPython functions in Ruby.


This contains the bytecode interpreter itself.


This contains the hand written Ruby lexer.


This contains the command line entry-point, including things like argument
parsing logic.


This contains an API for exposing RPython classes in Ruby, it should be merged
with ````.


This contains the ``ObjectSpace`` (unrelated to Ruby's ``ObjectSpace`` module),
it is responsible for encoding the behaviors of Ruby, for example it contains
methods like ``find_const``, ``send``, and methods for creating new Ruby
objects from RPython ones.


This contains the parse rules and actions, built atop ``rply``.


This contains built-in Ruby ``Module`` objects. There is one ``Module`` per file.


This contains built-in Ruby ``Class`` objects. There is one ``Class`` per file.

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