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Merge pull request #576 from sferik/ruby-build

Add instructions to install topaz via `ruby-build`
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alex committed Apr 8, 2013
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@@ -55,5 +55,21 @@ You can also run Topaz without compiling, on top of Python::
Note that this is extremely slow, and should never be used for benchmarking,
only for testing.

Alternately, you can build ``topaz`` using ``ruby-build``::

$ git clone git://
$ cd ruby-build
$ ./bin/ruby-build topaz-dev /path/to/install/topaz

If you run ``homebrew`` on OS X, it's even easier::

$ brew update && brew install ruby-build
$ ruby-build topaz-dev /path/to/install/topaz

You can also build ``topaz`` using ``ruby-build`` as a plugin to ``rbenv``::

$ brew update && brew install rbenv ruby-build
$ rbenv install topaz-dev

.. _`download a binary`:
.. _`virtualenv`:

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