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Merge pull request #871 from topazproject/alex-patch-1

Fixed a bug in lexical const lookup
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timfel committed Apr 6, 2017
2 parents 82ff449 + 64a7b0d commit bf4a56adbe03ae9ab4984729c733fcbc64a164c4
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@@ -617,7 +617,7 @@ def _find_lexical_const(self, lexical_scope, name, autoload=True):
if lexical_scope is not None:
w_mod = lexical_scope.w_mod
while w_mod is not None:
object_seen = w_mod is self.w_object
object_seen = object_seen or w_mod is self.w_object
# BasicObject was our starting point, do not use Object
# as fallback
if w_mod is self.w_basicobject and not object_seen:

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