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alex committed Jun 11, 2013
1 parent c0b8e89 commit db012d834f22577fc7dd5df4fc454b4d862ae5bb
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@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ def upload_build(self):
raise ValueError("Don't recognize platform: {!r}".format(sys.platform))
build_name = "topaz-{platform}-{sha1}.tar.bz2".format(platform=platform, sha1=os.environ["TRAVIS_COMMIT"])
run("python topaz/tools/ {}".format(build_name))
with open(build_name) as f:
with open(build_name, "rb") as f:
response ="", {
"build_secret": os.environ["BUILD_SECRET"],
"sha1": os.environ["TRAVIS_COMMIT"],

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