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Merge pull request #769 from kachick/implement-string-bytesize

Implement String#bytesize
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alex committed Jun 25, 2013
2 parents 513537e + 8093c6b commit e97069f4f0e40caf74f0beb5646099b543cc4e63
@@ -1,3 +1,2 @@
fails:String#getbyte returns an Integer between 0 and 255
fails:String#getbyte regards a multi-byte character as having multiple bytes
fails:String#getbyte interprets bytes relative to the String's encoding
@@ -1,2 +1 @@
fails:String#setbyte can invalidate a String's encoding
fails:String#setbyte sets a byte at an index greater than String size
@@ -493,6 +493,7 @@ def method_lshift(self, space, w_other):
self.extend(space, w_other)
return self

def method_length(self, space):

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