Syntax error #393

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a = 8
a &= -3

./bin/topaz test.rb
test.rb: line 2 (SyntaxError)
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I'm unable to reproduce this, can you grab a checkout of the source (at HEAD) and show me what python -mtopaz -e "a = 8; a &= -3" outputs?


I'm using this build

Getting "undefined module topaz" when I run that python command. I'll try to build pypy first and reopen if this happens again.


@hosiawak hosiawak closed this Feb 17, 2013

I can reproduce it on current master, ff3b3de.

$ python -mtopaz -e "a = 8; a &= -3"
-e: line 1 (SyntaxError)
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Ok I see it now as well, bizzare.

@alex alex reopened this Feb 17, 2013
@alex alex pushed a commit that closed this issue Feb 24, 2013
Alex Gaynor Fixed #393 -- mark this state in the lexer correctly f8965ba
@alex alex closed this in f8965ba Feb 24, 2013
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