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Open Source Icons designed for Topcoat
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Topcoat Icons

Open Source Icons designed for TopCoat

common icons

(done: 13px,18px,24px,40px size)

1.share 2.user 3.favorite 4.attachment 5.checkmark 6.remove 7.add 8.cancel 9.lock 10.unlock 12.image 13.back 15.settings 16.wifi 18.right arrow 19.left arrow 20.up arrow 21.down arrow 24.tablet 25.laptop 26.location 27.expand 28.collapse 29.list view 30.tile view 31.text 32.home 33.brush 34.pencil 35.eye/visible


35.eye/visible off 36.clock/time camera 38.alert 40.calendar 41.print 42.cart 46.user group 47.battery full 48.battery low 49.battery empty 50.bookmark 52.upload off 56.comment/note 57.address book card 61.graph 62.question mark 63.scissors 65.CC creative commons 67.retweet 68.refresh 69.error 70.delete

Social icons

(done: 40px size)

1.facebook 2.twitter 3.pinterest 4.github 5.dribble 6.behance 7.instagramm 8.linkedin 11.vimeo 13.picasa 14.tumblr 15.wordpress 16.blogger 17.github-text 18.path


19.css 20.stackoverflow 21.html 5 22.reddit 23.Skype

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