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This is a Varying Vagrant Vagrants Dashboard for the excellent Varying Vagrant Vagrants

Its purpose is to dynamically load host links to all sites created in the VVV www path along with a long list of additional tools. See Feature list below.

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Clone this repo to your VVV/www/default/ directory and then copy dashboard-custom.php there:

cd www/default
git clone dashboard
cp dashboard/dashboard-custom.php .

While VVV is running (vagrant up), the new dashboard is now viewable at your VVV root (usually vvv or


Update your repo via git pull and then copy dashboard-custom.php to your default directory.

cd www/default/dashboard
git pull
cp dashboard-custom.php ..

Help Grow This Feature List

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Feature List

  • List hosts in VVV
    • Debug On/Off for WP sites
      • Show not installed if wp-config.php is missing
    • Multisite detection and lists sub-sites under the parent host
    • WP Version for each host
    • Visit Site Link
    • Visit Admin Link
    • Profiler Link
    • Backup Database (SQL Dump) host-timestamped name
    • Debug Log viewer if debug log is found
      • Delete log
    • Drag and drop sorting, stored in a 30 day cookie
  • Live/Fuzzy search host list
  • List Plugins for each installed WordPress Site
    • Plugin Name
    • Status (inactive / active) highlighted
    • Update (None / Available - Update Button)
    • Version
  • List Themes
    • Theme Name
      • Create Child Theme
    • Status (inactive / active / parent) highlighted
    • Update (None / Available - Update Button)
    • Version
  • Backup List
    • Host
    • Date of backup
    • Time of backup
    • Live search
    • Actions
      • Save As (In case you want to save another copy somewhere else)
      • Roll Back (Roll back to any existing version for the host)
      • Delete (Allows you to selectively delete backups)
  • Last 10 PHP Errors (with highlighting)
  • Show Hide Sidebar
  • Quick server info
  • Command list
  • Reference links
  • Cache
    • Theme list for each site
    • Plugin list for each site
    • Host list ( Speeds up loading greatly )
    • VVV Dashboard version check
    • Delete cache for Hosts, Themes or Plugins
    • 24 hour cache for each system, separate TTL settings
  • VVV Dashboard version check with notice
  • All buttons are colored for separation
  • Twitter Bootstrap theme
  • Sass CSS
  • Bower to manage JS
  • xDebug check and notice to show if its on or off
  • Debug Log viewer, if there is a debug.log show button by host and make the last 20 viewable
  • WPStarter support
  • .env check for .env type installs
  • Custom setting for scan paths
  • Custom setting for wp-content paths
  • Migrations for databases. You can now migrate to a new domain.

Note: Recent Changes

You no longer need to copy the style.css anywhere.

There is now a cache system. If you don't see cache files on the first dashboard load, make sure dashboard/cache/ is writable (it should be).

There are bound keys for the search feature: the enter key and down arrow key search down the list, and the up arrow searches up.


There are some customizations that you can do to VVV Dashboard

  1. change settings in the VVV/www/default/dashboard-custom.php
  2. create a custom.css and add custom CSS. This file is ignored when updating and autoloaded if exists.

Want the host list full view all the time with no scolling/overflow

create a VVV/www/default/dashboard/custom.css file and add this

.sites {
	max-height: 100%;
    overflow-y: auto;
    overflow-x: auto;



** More Screenshots**

New Buttons Quick Server Info Theme List Plugin List

** NOTE: ** This Dashboard project has no affiliation with Varying Vagrant Vagrants or any other components listed here.

Change Log


03/14/17 version: 0.2.0

  • Fixes #50 default path issues with the VVV 2.0
  • Removed as per Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV#1096
  • Removed @ error suppression someone put in the host list instead of proper isset() check

11/08/16 version: 0.1.9

  • Fixes #49 PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() hosts-list2.php on line 80
  • Added a host tools page with database tools for each site
  • A good start on plugin blueprints

11/08/16 version: 0.1.8

  • Make it possible to delete WP error logs
  • Improve sidebar slide #44 props @josephfusco
  • Update version check #46 props @gwelser
  • Handle error opening stream #41 props @gwelser
  • Fix first startup cache errors do to missing cache dir #39

05/24/16 version: 0.1.7

  • Fixed host debug log empty #30
  • Multisite detection and lists sub-sites under the parent host #32

05/24/16 version: 0.1.6

  • Drag and drop sorting of the host list/table stored in a 30 day cookie #28

05/09/16 version: 0.1.5

  • Lots of changes, refactoring both actions and hosts #17 #26 and #25
  • New hosts objects allows separating different types of hosts and hopefully fixes all past issues related to hosts #25
  • New commands/action objects handles all of the theme, plugins, backups, etc... #17 #26
  • Added branch specific version check so if you are running a branch other than mater you will get a notice for updates in that branch.
  • Folders in the {VVV}/www/ directory that start with a _ underscore are tracked and marked as archives in the dashboard so you can archive sites in a directory like _archives
  • Live search in backups

12/12/15 version: 0.1.4

  • Added WPStarter support by fixing some path issues
  • Added .env check and handling functions
  • Started some refactoring adding new classes that will support the system
  • Added Backup List and Backup List button
    • Host
    • Date of backup
    • Time of backup
    • Actions
      • Save As (In case you want to save another copy somewhere else)
      • Roll Back (Roll back to any existing version for the host)
      • Delete (Allows you to selectively delete backups)
  • Added WordPress version to Host List
  • Show not installed if wp-config.php is missing
  • Custom setting for scan paths
  • Custom setting for wp-content paths
  • Create a child theme of any parent from themes list
  • Deeper .env support but must follow the installers path
  • Create a new theme under a host based on _s and activate it. It also includes the sass files.
  • Migrations for databases. You can now migrate to a new domain.

12/01/15 version: 0.1.3

  • Bumping version again to resolve cache issues

12/01/15 version: 0.1.2

  • Added APP icons (favicon) for the dashboard
  • Added WP Debug Log viewer last 20 logs

11/22/15 version: 0.1.1

  • Bug fixes for path issues

11/22/15 version: 0.1.0

  • Added DB Backups to the dashboard

11/20/15 version: 0.0.9

  • Added version check for VVV Dashboard
  • Version check notice if a new version is available
  • Display the last 10 PHP errors

11/20/15 version: 0.0.8

  • Added update capabilities for plugins and themes
  • Add mailcatcher menu item props: @atimmer /pull/9

11/20/15 version: 0.0.7

  • Added a scan depth setting
  • Added purge forms for each of the cached systems
  • Started cleaning up the index and moving HTML to views
  • Added the ability for people to create custom.css to override our styles
  • Added version constant to static files

11/19/2015 version: 0.0.6

  • Added a simple Cache System to improve performance when collecting data
  • Added get_plugins feature which will collect the plugins info from a selected installed site
  • Added get_themes feature which will collect the themes info from a selected installed site
  • Added quick server info to the sidebar
  • Show/Hide sidebar
  • Cookies for sidebar state (7 day cookie)
  • Added some defined constants to the dashboard-custom.php (which means updating you need to replace the old)
  • Added more screenshots
  • Moved screenshots
  • Updated Readme

5/18/2015 version: 0.0.5

  • Added VV Command table
  • Changed host list to responsive tables
  • Changed host search to a live search


  • created develop branch

5/16/2015 version: 0.0.4

  • Refactored getHosts function to also check if WP_DEBUG is true in each host
  • Added it to the host list.
  • Added host count
  • Updated Screenshot
  • Made the main view port wider moving commands to the sidebar
  • Support for none WordPress sites


  • Update bower components
  • Added jQuery
  • Added Search Hosts feature
  • Added max-height with automated scroll
  • Updated install instruction and ReadMe
  • Updated Screenshot

These projects are used in VVV Dashboard


  • Maybe some wiki docs since this is getting a little bigger
  • Fuzzy search for plugins and themes ? not sure yet
  • Refactor time, clean up some code and remove redundancy
  • Dropdown Menu for tools but not Bootstrap it should be CSS only
  • We need some form security added
  • More settings for theme creation