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Code Completion for OSS projects in phpStorm

Build Status

These are helper files for code completion in phpStorm with some Open Source Software that I work with.

Its important that you read the comments in each file.

* CodeIgniter   CodeIgniter/
* phpBB3        phpBB3.php          Some phpBB3 CC fixes
* WordPress     WordPress/  
* OpenCart	    OpenCart/           Still in early stages, but should show example   
* WordPress     example.php         Some other fix examples
* Laravel       submodule laravel-helpers
Note: plugins work only in PhpStorm 2016.3 EAP

Props to @artspb for pointing me to this and showing me how they are created.

The plugins in this repo will be available via the phpStorm plugin system as of 2016.3 EAP

Laravel helpers

CodeIgniter source

Thought I would mention I checked NetBeans 7.1 with CI and the CI_phpStorm.php helps NetBeans with code completion as well .

Basic Instructions

Fork and Clone or Clone to somewhere on your dev machine

Get Laravel helpers

git submodule init
git submodule update

Loading in phpStorm

Load your actual project, then you have 2 options, set include path or add content root (Your choice)

Option 1 =
File > Settings > Directories > Add Content Root > Select the directory in phpStorm-CC-helpers that is relevant > mark Resource Root

Option 2 =
In the project window right click External Libraries > Configure PHP Include Paths Then add the path to the phpStorm-CC-helpers that is relevant

CodeIgniter Specific

Mark as Plain Text

  • /system/core/Controller.php
  • /system/core/Model.php
  • /system/database/DB_active_rec.php

You should now have code completion.

Using the my_models.php

Add your models to the docBlock


	@property membership_model $membership_model

membership_model is the model class and $membership_model will be the property you use to instance it.



This will give you code completion for your model methods.

OpenCart Specific

Mark as Plain Text

  • /system/engine/controller.php
  • /system/engine/model.php
  • /system/engine/loader.php


These are helper files for code completion in phpStorm with some Open Source Software that I work with.






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