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Dockerized version of Travis
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This is a Docker image to run Travis-CI from command-line, for those that don't want to install Ruby and related things in it's own machine.

How to use

  • Install Docker
  • For the first time: download the image and prepare the container to run in interactive mode (-it).
    • $ docker run -it --name travis topera/travis
      • Type exit to close the terminal
  • Then you can start/stop with:
    • $ docker start travis
    • $ docker stop travis
  • With the container running, you can start a shell session with:
    • $ docker exec -it travis bash
  • Then you can run many travis commands, like:
    • $ travis login
    • $ travis repos
    • $ travis encrypt secret_access_key=123456 -r your-username/your-repo
      • This command is necessary to deploy in AWS Elastic Beanstalk from Travis-CI. Details
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