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Shows how to create a reusable class in Gradle files
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Topera's Hello World #019

Reusing classes in Gradle files

This hello world shows how to reuse vars (global vars) and classes in Gradle files.

How to download this source code

  • Install Gradle
  • Use the Clone or download button above the get the url of this repository
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File → New → Project From Version Control → Git → put the url of this repository

How to test

  • Run $ gradle showRed


  • We can split the main build.gradle file using a second file, like mySecondFile.gradle, using the apply from command
  • We created a global variable using the variable ext. in build.gradle file
  • File mySecondFile.gradle defines 2 custom tasks: showRed and showBlue.
    • Both are of type ShowColor, a custom class created by us in folder buildSrc/src/main/groovy/com/topera/gradle/ShowColor.groovy
  • When we run showRed the log displays:
      > Configure project :
      [COLORS] Configuring task red
      [COLORS] Configuring task blue
      > Task :showRed
      [COLORS] Running task red
      My color is red
  • There are 2 diff steps in Gradle. One for configuration, ran all the time: 'Configuring task red', 'Configuring task blue'. And another for the specific task called, in this case, red.

Folder Structure


Tech Stack

  • Intellij IDEA 2018.1
  • Gradle 4.8

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