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from url import removeFromStackAndRecurse
import json
from xbmcjsonrpc import *
movie_properties = [
episode_properties = [
show_properties = [
music_videos_properties = [
# Taken from XBMC
m_pictureExtensions = ".png|.jpg|.jpeg|.bmp|.gif|.ico|.tif|.tiff|.tga|.pcx|.cbz|.zip|.cbr|.rar|.m3u|.dng|.nef|.cr2|.crw|.orf|.arw|.erf|.3fr|.dcr|.x3f|.mef|.raf|.mrw|.pef|.sr2|.rss"
m_pictureExtensions = m_pictureExtensions.split("|")
# Taken from XBMC
m_musicExtensions = ".nsv|.m4a|.flac|.aac|.strm|.pls|.rm|.rma|.mpa|.wav|.wma|.ogg|.mp3|.mp2|.m3u|.mod|.amf|.669|.dmf|.dsm|.far|.gdm|.imf|.it|.m15|.med|.okt|.s3m|.stm|.sfx|.ult|.uni|.xm|.sid|.ac3|.dts|.cue|.aif|.aiff|.wpl|.ape|.mac|.mpc|.mp+|.mpp|.shn|.zip|.rar|.wv|.nsf|.spc|.gym|.adx|.dsp|.adp|.ymf|.ast|.afc|.hps|.xsp|.xwav|.waa|.wvs|.wam|.gcm|.idsp|.mpdsp|.mss|.spt|.rsd|.mid|.kar|.sap|.cmc|.cmr|.dmc|.mpt|.mpd|.rmt|.tmc|.tm8|.tm2|.oga|.url|.pxml|.tta|.rss|.cm3|.cms|.dlt|.brstm|.wtv|.mka"
m_musicExtensions = m_musicExtensions.split("|")
# Taken from XBMC
m_videoExtensions = ".m4v|.3g2|.3gp|.nsv|.tp|.ts|.ty|.strm|.pls|.rm|.rmvb|.m3u|.ifo|.mov|.qt|.divx|.xvid|.bivx|.vob|.nrg|.img|.iso|.pva|.wmv|.asf|.asx|.ogm|.m2v|.avi|.bin|.dat|.mpg|.mpeg|.mp4|.mkv|.avc|.vp3|.svq3|.nuv|.viv|.dv|.fli|.flv|.rar|.001|.wpl|.zip|.vdr|.dvr-ms|.xsp|.mts|.m2t|.m2ts|.evo|.ogv|.sdp|.avs|.rec|.url|.pxml|.vc1|.h264|.rcv|.rss|.mpls|.webm|.bdmv|.wtv"
m_videoExtensions = m_videoExtensions.split("|")
def extractEpisodes(files, onProgress, isInterrupted):
# This method will fetch FILE TVSHOW_TITLE EPISODE_TITLE SEASON EPISODE from episodes in the video library
tvshows = dict()
result = getTVShows(show_properties)
for show in result:
if "title" in show:
tvshows[show["tvshowid"]] = show["title"]
result = getEpisodes(episode_properties)
episodes = list()
nbrEpisodes = len(result)
for i in range(nbrEpisodes):
e = result[i]
if onProgress:
onProgress(i * 100 / nbrEpisodes)
path = removeFromStackAndRecurse(e["file"])
if all([f in e for f in episode_properties]) and e["tvshowid"] in tvshows:
episode = {
"file": path,
"tvshow_title": tvshows[e["tvshowid"]],
"episode_title": e["title"],
"season": e["season"],
"episode": e["episode"]
if isInterrupted():
return episodes
def extractMovies(files, onProgress, isInterrupted):
# This method will fetch FILE TITLE YEAR IMDB RUNTIME from movies in the video library
result = getMovies(movie_properties)
movies = list()
nbrMovies = len(result)
for i in range(nbrMovies):
m = result[i]
if onProgress:
onProgress(i * 100 / nbrMovies)
path = removeFromStackAndRecurse(m["file"])
if all([f in m for f in movie_properties]):
movie = {
"file": path,
"title": m["title"],
"year": m["year"],
"imdb": m["imdbnumber"],
"runtime": m["runtime"]
if isInterrupted():
return movies
def extractMusicVideos(files, onProgress, isInterrupted):
# This method will fetch FILE FILE ARTIST TITLE RUNTIME from music videos in the video library
result = getMusicVideos(music_videos_properties)
musicVideos = list()
nbrMusicVideos = len(result)
for i in range(nbrMusicVideos):
m = result[i]
if onProgress:
onProgress(i * 100 / nbrMusicVideos)
path = removeFromStackAndRecurse(m["file"])
if all([f in m for f in music_videos_properties]):
musicVideo = {
"file": path,
"title": m["title"],
"artist": m["artist"],
"album": m["album"],
"runtime": m["runtime"]
if isInterrupted():
return musicVideos
def getExtension(path):
return path[path.rindex("."):].lower()
except ValueError:
return None
def extractVideoFilesFromDirectory(files, videoFiles, directory, isInterrupted, onProgress = None):
result = getDirectory(directory)
thisDirectory = result
nbrFiles = len(thisDirectory)
for i in range(nbrFiles):
f = thisDirectory[i]
if onProgress:
onProgress(i * 100 / nbrFiles)
if f["filetype"] == "directory":
extractVideoFilesFromDirectory(files, videoFiles, f["file"], isInterrupted)
elif f["filetype"] == "file":
path = removeFromStackAndRecurse(f["file"])
if path not in files and getExtension(path) in m_videoExtensions:
# Here we could extract subtitles etc.
videoFile = {
"file": path
if isInterrupted():
def extractVideoFiles(files, onProgress, isInterrupted):
sources = getSources()
videoFiles = list()
nbrSources = len(sources)
for i in range(nbrSources):
source = sources[i]
if onProgress:
onProgress(source["label"], i * 100 / len(sources))
def midProgress(percentage):
onProgress(source["label"], (i * 100 + (percentage / nbrSources) + 1) / nbrSources)
extractVideoFilesFromDirectory(files, videoFiles, source["file"], isInterrupted, midProgress)
extractVideoFilesFromDirectory(files, videoFiles, source["file"], isInterrupted, None)
if isInterrupted():
return videoFiles
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