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Broken with saved TextMate projects #250

indirect opened this Issue Aug 8, 2011 · 10 comments


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indirect commented Aug 8, 2011

For some reason, PeepOpen has started using the directory that the .tmproj file is saved into as the project root, rather than the directory that the project refers to. Since I don't store my .tmproj files inside the root directory for each of my projects, this means PeepOpen has stopped working for me. Help? :(


topfunky commented Aug 8, 2011

Andre -

That does sound weird, especially if the behavior changed.

I haven't done any programming to use any information in .tmproj files except for using it to find the project root (if there's no .git, Rakefile, or other files).

  • Is your project in Git? (or has other identifying files as found in Preferences > Advanced > Project Root Pattern)
  • Do you open the project by dragging a directory to TextMate, or by double-clicking on a .tmproj file? (the latter could cause this problem)

indirect commented Aug 8, 2011

My project is in git, has a Rakefile, and has a README file. This issue is only present when opening .tmproj files. I use Project Plus to preserve things like my expansion of the file tree between TextMate sessions, which is most of why I bother with the .tmproj files. I have a wrapper for the mate command that executes open foo.tmproj, which means I can open my main projects from anywhere with mate projectname instead of having to cd to the directory and run mate ..

The issue is not present when opening a directory in TextMate, either via drag-and-drop or mate ..

wok commented Aug 12, 2011

I can confirm this issue. I have also noticed the following:

  1. Open project file open foo.tmproj PeepOpen will show all files in the directory where foo.tmproj is located
  2. Open project again using cd foo && mate ..
    • Textmate now opens another project window
    • PeepOpen will show the correct files for the project
    • When selecting a file, the file will actually open in the first project window, i.e. the one opened via foo.tmproj

THANK YOU!!!! The suggestion to save as a project increased the speed of my peepopen to lightspeed!!!!!!

Now if only I could figure out why peepopen works perfectly with projects on one machine, and has the problems outlined above on my other machine. :(

It probably has something to do with regex somehow.

Skickat från min iPhone

18 aug 2011 kl. 16:48 skrev indirectreply@reply.github.com:

Now if only I could figure out why peepopen works perfectly with projects on one machine, and has the problems outlined above on my other machine. :(

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub:
#250 (comment)

For those who want to compile yourself, I've pushed a partially fixed version here: https://github.com/pnomolos/PeepOpen-EditorSupport

If the project file has a single directory as the root, it will use that as the project directory being passed to PeepOpen. Didn't have a ton of time, but I'll get to the case of multiple files/directories in the root (go up one directory from the first file and use that as the root).

It works! This is really great, thanks very much for the fix :)

No problem! I intend to fix it further so if you don't have a single directory as the root it figures out (hopefully correctly) the root directory and goes from there.

This fix is great for me, since I only have projects with a single directory as the root. I use a little script called tm that I wrote to wrap mate so I can open saved .tmproj files for each of my projects, so this matches my use case perfectly. :)

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