Downgrading from TextMate 2.0 causes issues #273

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I figure this will happen to many others but since 2.0 isn't supported yet, I'm downgrading until things are more stable/supported.

After doing so PeepOpen opens, list files, but does nothing on selection.

I managed to fix this by changing the 'editorApplicationName' to the absolute application path. It seems (and I'm not sure why), that after using 2.0 it always wants to open with that (even if the app is deleted).

This hack fixed it for me:


def handleRowClick(rowId)


  editorApplicationName = "/Applications/"


I guess, some support or version detection is need.

Kudos, I can't loose my pretty git diff!


I don't have a copy of TextMate 2 but will try this out when it's open to the public again.

futura commented Dec 15, 2011

Same issue: I replaced TextMate 2.0 alpha back to 1.5.10, and PeepOpen finds the files but doesn't open them.

futura commented Jan 2, 2012

After two weeks or so, this behavior corrected itself, so working again on TextMate 1 for me.


Please reopen this.


I'm seeing this issue after updating TextMate 1 to version 1.5.11 (1634)

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