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When using PeepOpen with MacVim, I notice that if I am editing a file in a subdirectory of a project, PeepOpen does not give search results for the contents of parent or sibling folders, even if they are in the same project. It would be great to be able to use the location of the project's .git folder to determine PeepOpen's scope.


That's frustrating. I use it with subdirectories all the time, but maybe it's finding other directories that make it think it's at the top of the project?

What does Vim say for :pwd ?

Or in PeepOpen Preferences, Advanced, you could edit "Project Root Pattern" to better describe the files to look for in order to find the root directory.


:pwd gives the current directory, which is a /test subdirectory of my main project directory. PeepOpen cannot see files in any parent directory, even though there is a .git directory one level down.

My project root pattern is:


which I believe is the default setting.

  • 1, same problem in a Rails app using MacVim.
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