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Purple Monkey Dishwasher

An example of how to use Cucumber and Rack::Test with Sinatra.


~/Code/purple-monkey-dishwasher $ cucumber features

  Scenario: / returns the sinatra environment # features/home.feature:2
    When GET on /                             # features/steps/generic.rb:1
    Then body is "test!"                      # features/steps/generic.rb:5

1 scenario
2 passed steps
~/Code/purple-monkey-dishwasher $

Rake tasks

A default config/cucumber.yml and Rake tasks are also included.

# See all Rake tasks
% rake -T

You can run your cucumbers in your default Rake task:

# In your Rakefile
task :default => :cucumber

# From the command line
% rake

Or with other tasks:

# In your Rakefile
task :default => [:cucumber, :spec]   
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