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App Scale All The Things - What's Up With TypeScript?

Microsoft's newly announced TypeScript is the latest in the list of languages which compile to JavaScript. But unlike CoffeeScript or other alternatives, it's really just a thin veneer on top of plain old JS. So, TypeScript or HypeScript? Let's find out. For bonus fun, we'll look at the TypeScript compiler API and look at unobtrusive uses of TypeScript to make your libraries easier to consume.

Runtime: 30ish minutes (I'm flexible)

By whom?

jden aka Jason Denizac

a smiling photo of jden

After declaring an Art History major and graduating with a degree in Political Science, Jason decided to become a javascript hacker bent on fixing health technology. When asked to list examples of software software he likes, he once responsed "text editors, mostly. And web browsers."

Availability: 11/8 - 11/9, 2012.