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"Are we there yet?"

and other stuff you shouldn't have to care about

By now you've heard a bit about promises (and if you haven't you probably should check them out). They're about more than cleaning up "callback soup" and making pretty APIs - they provide a great way to maintain clear separation of concerns in your asynchronous code. Logging, timing, "loading" status indicators - promises make it easy to keep your application DRY. Cross listed under PROM 201 - Intermediate Applications of Promises. Warning: contains code.

Runtime: 30 - 60 minutes (as time allows)

By whom?

jden aka Jason Denizac

a smiling photo of jden

After declaring an Art History major and graduating with a degree in Political Science, Jason decided to become a javascript hacker bent on fixing health technology. When asked to list examples of software software he likes, he once responsed "text editors, mostly. And web browsers."

Availability: 11/8 - 11/9, 2012.