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Curiosity Killed: Embracing Failure Without Burning Alive

  • Speaker : Stanley Stuart
  • Available : Any time
  • Duration : 30 minutes


Warning: Unconference material ahead! But it does involve JavaScript.

I'm honestly afraid of missing everything cool.

Our brains initially start with a blank state when we are born. As we mature, we become pre-dispositioned to avoid people we think are different than us. We often shoot new ideas down without thought, or because we don't have the perspective to tackle problems in a different way. Our mental shortcuts, or 'heuristics', are incredibly useful for some sets of problems. Too often, I think we, or at least I personally, arrive at the conclusion of "I can't do this".

I'm wrong. You and I can do it. We don't have to tell each other lies that we can't.

I hear lots of sentiments like this on the internet:

  • "I don't want to be around this person, they're stupid."
  • "Why would anybody do such an idiotic thing?"
  • "Not Invented Here! Not Invented Here! Look who's rewriting the wheel!"
  • "JavaScript? Why the hell would you write your app in JavaScript?"

This year I was diagnosed with ADHD, and have been learning how to dispell the myths of worthlessness others told about me and that I unfortunately believed. I want to help JavaScript dismiss myths that experts, both from within the JavaScript community and outside it, have perpetuated.

In this talk is a sort of coming-of-age story about learning to embrace failure as a tool to constantly improve ourselves and be happier. Logic, pride, and doing things The Right Way will take a backseat to honesty, emotions, communication, and self-improvement. It's about embracing your style, because somebody else probably has that style too. It's about finding what works for you, and working with others. It's about putting others up instead of dragging them down.

I'm hoping to dispel some JavaScript dogma as well.

I'll use my own experiences and the life experiences and stories from Walter Kirn, Friedrich Nietzche, Bonnie Raitt, John J. Ratey, Edward Hallowell, Kent Greenfield, and Captain Planet to open ourselves up to new ideas and new people, and most importantly, change our expectations about ourselves.

Also, I'm sorry this is past the deadline.

Speaker Bio


I wwebsite on the Internet.

A male human being who loves watching terrible movies. I also listen to music from time to time. And there's this programming thing I keep hearing about that I apparently do?