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[Easy dynamic websites using FuzzyToast]

  • Speaker : [Howard Abrams]
  • Available : [Anytime]
  • Duration : [30 minutes (but flexible)]


Create dynamic web applications by combining data grabbed from REST services with templates from your website... all with a single line of JavaScript. The FuzzyToast plugin for jQuery, let's you build small to medium-sized active websites with minimal effort. This session will show you the framework, how to use it, and how it can be used with other jQuery plugins and frameworks.

Clearly, build clunky, inefficient web applications by having servers create HTML pages is so twentieth century. However, for many situations, setting up a Backbone may be more effort than needed. In this session, I'll build a complete web application that dynamic retrieves its data from a server that delivers JSON through a REST interface to show how easy FuzzyToast is to make panels that update themselves.

This target audience for this session is those familiar with jQuery, but not experts and building complete web applications.

Speaker Bio


I built my first web app in 1993 when I traded in my Tk GUIs for Perl CGIs running on CERN's first implementation of httpd. After building many web apps in Java and icky JSPs (even creating my own framework to solve the problem), I started the FuzzyToast project to allow a browser to do the work of rendering dynamic web pages.