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Learn from the Masters

  • Speaker : Geoffrey Grosenbach
  • Available : All dates open
  • Duration : 30 mins


Over the last two years, I've traveled the world to pair with expert designers and developers on short projects to learn their day to day secrets and understand their philosophies. I've condensed these live sessions into a 30 minute multimedia audio/video extravaganza of tricks, insights, opinions, and old-fashioned rants from Tim Caswell (Node.js), Ryan Singer (37signals), Kyle Neath (GitHub), Neven Mrgan (Panic), Zed Shaw, Gary Bernhardt (Destroy All Software), and others.

As open source developers, we can read each others' code, but we rarely see developers working as they write that code. This is a rare peek into the way top developers think through coding problems!

Speaker Bio


Geoffrey Grosenbach is the founder of PeepCode screencasts, cutting edge tutorials for web developers and alpha geeks. PeepCode's growing staff published on Node.js, Backbone and CoffeeScript years before they appeared in books. He spends his time documenting undocumented Open Source software and producing mini documentaries with innovative developers and designers across the whole range of Open Source languages and software.