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[Promises for Profit]

  • Speaker : [Andrew Ray]
  • Available : [Uhhh, when is cascadia? And where / what is cascadia?]
  • Duration : [15-20 minutes]


What are javascript promises? When should you use them? Do they make your code cleaner (probably)? What are their benefits? What are their downsides? Where do promises show true power? How do you use them in jQuery? How do you use them in NodeJS? How do we use them at Crowdtilt? In what version of jQuery should you ignore promises because they are terrible and broken? All these questions anwered and nothing else if you accept Andrew Ray's "Promises for Profit" talk!

Speaker Bio


I'm a JS and VIM loving developer from San Francisco. I've worked at Atlassian (don't blame me for JIRA) and currently and rocking the amazing startup Crowdtilt.