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Real Time Monitoring with Node.js

  • Speaker : Loren West
  • Available : All conference Nov. 8-9 2012
  • Duration : 30 mins. 45 with QA


Stuff happens, and you need to see it. In this interactive session we'll use Node.js and open source to build a real time dashboard for monitoring your most important systems.

Come play with your favorite stars: Node.js, Socket.IO, Backbone, jQuery, and discover some new talent. Bring your laptops, your wifi, and your favorite caffiene for this fast paced interactive session.

Then strap on your retro goggles. REPL may make an appearance, and word is she's back - and lookin' good.

Speaker Bio

Loren rides the Sounder train into Seattle, and uses that time writing open source software. You may have seen him surfing the streets on an electric skateboard. The other stuff is public - see the links below.


Special Request

This session will be even more fun with two screens. I'll bring two laptops if necessary.