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Require.js To Tame Your JavaScript

  • Speaker : Merrick Christensen
  • Available : Anytime
  • Duration : 30 - 45 minutes (Flexible)


The AMD specification and Require.js go a long way towards helping you write more maintainable JavaScript. We'll look at leveraging Require.js and AMD modules to tame your JavaScript. This talk will offer a brief introduction to the AMD specification APIs, then dive into the most powerful features of Require.js.

Here is a list of things we will explore:

  1. Errbacks, catching errors and responding gracefully. Examples: Restarting a feature. Fallback loading when a CDN goes down.

  2. Using plugins as middleware to preprocess your JavaScripts. Examples: CoffeeScript. Non-AMD Scripts.

  3. Using plugins to load different types of dependencies like CSS and templates.

  4. The Require.js plugin API, writing a plugin.

  5. Require.js at build time, using r.js to optimize your project. Dead code removal & preprocessing with plugins.

After this presentation, you will be better equipped to write and maintain large scale JavaScript applications for the browser.

Speaker Bio


I am a JavaScript developer at Domo reinventing the way people do business. I am a strong proponent for open source software and have been obsessively interested in writing maintainable rich clients for the browser since I was in diapers (not entirely true).

Concerned about my qualification? Check it son... you're welcome.