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[Whirlwind Tour of CouchApp Visualizations with D3 and Friends]

  • Speaker : [Russell Branca]
  • Available : [Nov 8th and 9th]
  • Duration : [45-60 mins]


CouchApps are an interesting way of attaching self contained applications together with data in a CouchDB database. This talk will demonstrate how to leverage modern visualization tools such as D3, Cubism and Crossfilter to do client side data processing and visualization on top of server side distributed MapReduce processing with CouchDB.

You'll see how you can create powerful, two tier applications on top of a distributed database, allowing you to deploy on hosting providers with no server installs.

If you have a local CouchDB install on your laptop, you will be able to replicate the application and play along as we go.

Speaker Bio


I'm a front end developer at Cloudant specializing in data driven javascript applications and visualizations.