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+Testing Like A Boss
+* Speaker : Matt Darnall
+* Available : Either Day
+* Duration : 30 minutes
+You're code base is growing, and you need to know your code will run on all the browsers and potentially on multiple devices. You have a suite of tests, and you are aware of the various tools to write tests, but when it comes to actually running them you may not be doing all that you can to ensure realistic results and useful feedback.
+From quick headless test runners to cloud-based services that can target all the browsers we'll cover how you can incorporate a set of modern tools and approaches to your daily routine to continuously test your code base in a quick and efficient manner.
+Speaker Bio
+I'm a developer living in sunny Portlandia. I'm all over the internets
+and love to build enjoyable applications for people to use. When I'm not
+telling computers what to do I'm probably into a tasty beverage or making funny meme pics of my friends in comprising situations.
+* Website :
+* Blog :
+* Github :
+* Twitter :

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