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+Reactive HTML with Meteor
+* Speaker : David Greenspan
+* Available : All
+* Duration : 30 mins
+Meteor is a full-stack web framework that brings new principles to
+application development. Using pure JavaScript on the client and
+server, apps define both a rich client and a server-side data endpoint
+that work together so that database updates stream in realtime all the
+way from the backend to the DOM. Meanwhile, client-side database
+mutations are simulated locally but are still securely validated on
+the server. Unlike previous reactive web frameworks, Meteor lets you
+use your favorite database, template language, and JS/CSS
+preprocessors, while making it all realtime.
+Spark is Meteor's library for live-updating HTML. Normally, web apps
+must both *declare* their views and then *update* them with separate
+logic. For example, a chat view is rendered to HTML as a series of
+DIVs, and then, when a new chat message comes in, there is update code
+to append a new DIV. Or, a button might have certain properties, like
+its class and whether it's disabled, that depend on some local state
+or even database state. This button must both occur in some original
+form in HTML and be updated from JavaScript. To make matters worse,
+often the original HTML is declared on the server, while the update
+logic happens on the client!
+Spark gets rid of the update step by automatically re-rendering parts
+of the DOM when their HTML needs to change. It can even "match and
+patch" your templates to apply arbitrary changes to the HTML without
+disturbing form fields and other sensitive elements. Spark supports
+browsers going back to IE 7 and takes care of the browser hacks for
+you. Code that uses Spark can also run in a server environment with
+no DOM to generate static HTML.
+Speaker Bio
+Before coming to Meteor, David Greenspan created EtherPad, a web-based
+collaborative document editor, which was acquired by Google and
+open-sourced in 2009. Before that he founded AppJet, an early
+server-side JavaScript platform. David holds two SBs from MIT in
+Computer Science and Physics.
+* Company:
+* Github:

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