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Observable Node.js with @dshaw

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+# Observable Node.js
+Production considerations for running and maintaining realtime Node.js apps.
+## Talk
+**Name:** Daniel Shaw (@dshaw)
+**Title:** Observable Node.js
+**Description:** Building realtime apps with Node.js is easy. The real fun begins when you start to scale (and by "fun", we mean unholy pain and agony). Unfortunely, it's extremely hard to fabricate scale. You can try to simulate it, but the pressure placed on a system is likely to be different from real pressures placed on your system at scale. dshaw will share his experience scaling realtime apps and will present some techniques that will help better prepare for scale when it happens.
+**Duration:** 20 mins (can accomodate up to 50 mins, especially if there's Q/A)
+**Photo:** [dshaw_256x256.png](
+## Bio
+Daniel Shaw is a Node.js Engineer on the Voxer platform team and co-founder of The Node Firm. He is a regular seat and organizer of the NodeUp podcast. He is contributor, startup advisor and developer mentor. @dshaw is passionate about helping startups be successful with Node.js and exploring the scalability potential of Node.js.

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