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+Dark Secrets of Dirty Projects
+* Speaker: Anton Molleda
+* Available: any time
+* Duration: around 45 minutes although it could be a bit more or less depending on the number of dirty secrets I can share and Q&A :)
+* Ideal audience: Anyone insterested in knowing more about HTML5 experiences/experiments and the problems they can find (and hopefully some solutions)
+Microsoft's IE team has partnered with several companies to create new HTML5 experiences. Plain Concepts is one of these companies and we have participated in several of these experiences (more or less involved). During this session we will review this experience not from a marketing point of view but from a developer's side. We will talk about the issues we had, the problems with the code, differences accross browsers (why all suck! that maybe you don't know and how to solve them (or at least keep them in mind!).
+Some of the projects that will be covered are:
+* The Hunger Games:
+* Prometheus Training Center:
+* The XX - Coexist:
+And some others not publicly available yet (but that hopefully will be then)!
+Personal Bio
+![Anton Molleda](
+Anton Molleda, Spanish born, decided he wanted to visit the world and move to Lyon (France) to get a Computer’s Science degree. After finishing his studies and realizing how much he missed the tapas and jamón, he went back to Spain where he started developing with Microsoft Technologies. How he ended up working in Plain Concepts and be the manager of the US branch is still a mystery, but an even greater is how he ended up being a JS developer too. In any case he seems to be enjoying it so far.
+* Company:
+* Twitter:
+* GitHub:
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