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+Distributed Systems for Kids.
+* Speaker : Dominic Tarr
+* Available : November 8-9, 2012
+* Duration : ~30 minutes
+Games are fun. Friends are fun. Playing games with friends are fun.
+Programming is fun, especially if you are making games.
+However, Distributed Systems (aka, multiplayer games) are hard, right?
+ least, that is what adults will tell you.
+The way adults have learned to think about programming local
+systems doesn't work well when distributed systems. But kids don't know that!
+so there is nothing stopping them from writing fun distributed systems!
+If you grown-ups can refactor your thinking, they can get in on the fun too!
+Speaker Bio
+A Mad Scientist experimenting with distributed realtime systems and real-time streaming in node.
+I love soup, orange juice, javascript and node.js streams.
+* Blog:
+* Company:
+* Github:
+* Twitter:
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