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A RESTful CouchDB client based on Heroku's RestClient and Couch.js
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CouchRest - CouchDB, close to the metal

CouchRest is based on [CouchDB's couch.js test library](, which I find to be concise, clear, and well designed. CouchRest lightly wraps CouchDB's HTTP API, managing JSON serialization, and remembering the URI-paths to CouchDB's API endpoints so you don't have to.

CouchRest's lighweight is designed to make a simple base for application and framework-specific object oriented APIs.

Easy Install

sudo gem install jchris-couchrest -s

Relax, it's RESTful

The core of Couchrest is Heroku’s excellent REST Client Ruby HTTP wrapper. REST Client takes all the nastyness of Net::HTTP and gives is a pretty face, while still giving you more control than Open-URI. I recommend it anytime you’re interfacing with a well-defined web service.

Running the Specs

The most complete documentation is the spec/ directory. To validate your CouchRest install, from the project root directory run `rake`, or `autotest` (requires RSpec and optionally ZenTest for autotest support).


Quick Start:

# with !, it creates the database if it doesn't already exist
@db = CouchRest.database!("http://localhost:5984/couchrest-test")
response ={:key => 'value', 'another key' => 'another value'})
doc = @db.get(response['id'])
puts doc.inspect

Bulk Save:

    {"wild" => "and random"},
    {"mild" => "yet local"},
    {"another" => ["set","of","keys"]}
# returns ids and revs of the current docs
puts @db.documents.inspect

Creating and Querying Views:{
  "_id" => "_design/first", 
  :views => {
    :test => {
      :map => "function(doc){for(var w in doc){ if(!w.match(/^_/))emit(w,doc[w])}}"
puts @db.view('first/test')['rows'].inspect
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