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== 0.1.4 - The glass slipper release
* Compatibility with Camping 2.0 (development version) and Camping 1.5
* Fix that newer Rails assert_select wants to know content_type
* Final solution to the fixture problems. We now setup and teardown properly.
* Fixed a bug that would occur when using an absolute URL (with scheme and host)
and query strings.
* Do not use eval for running the application because it fumbles the backtrace
== 0.1.3 - The little fairy release
* You can use an absolute URL with scheme and all instead of path-only abbreviation
* You can now assign a URL-encoded payload instead of a hash when doing all requests
except of a GET. This to be nice to people building web-service backends.
* Be nice to the folks that do not use the database or sessions
* we have @assigns to access the instance variables summoned in the controller
* follow_redirect makes use of the feature below, accordingly
* You can now pass verbatim query string parameters like so
get "/blog/archive?page=2"
which will be conveniently mixed with other params (and can also be used when doing POSTs!)
* Rdoc is extremely unfriendly to pluses and stars in Unicode mode. They should be punished.
* FunctionalTest is now WebTest and UnitTest is now ModelTest, because the ruby sadists said they shall be.
* We now support proper, infinitely nested and encapsulated parameters
* for querystrings
* for postvars
* and yes, for uploads too
* On that note, added a Mosquito::MockUpload to quickly simulate an uploaded file. The file will be filled with random text,
so roll your own if you need concrete file content.
* We are Camping 1.5 compatible
* You can now do 'test "should do this"' and pass a block of assertions.
* More tests for better coverage of mosquito.rb
* Cleanup of Rakefile with other options and proper CHANGELOG inclusion:CHANGELOG
== 0.1.2
== 0.1.1
* Added dependencies to Rakefile (active_record, active_support, camping)
* Added PUT and DELETE methods [cdcarter]
* Params can be passed when testing GET [cdcarter]