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CouchDB app and Backbone.js demo

A demo for the Seattle Backbone.js meetup.

This code shows how to use Node.js and CouchDB to serve JavaScript client-side applications. This application uses no authentication or security. Use Basic Auth or some other method if you plan to deploy these kinds of applications to the public.


Download, install, and start the CouchDB server.

Use the CouchDB browser-based console to create a CouchDB dataabase named time_track_demo.

Install dependencies:

npm install



Optionally, bundle client side assets to attachments/js/default.js with:


The Code

Public client-side code is in the attachments directory.

CouchDB views are in the views.js file.

Overall configuration is in app.js.


  • Generate a single client-side JavaScript file from Backbone dependencies: attachments/js/default.js
  • Generate stylesheets from SASS or Stylus.
  • Compile from CoffeeScript?
  • Use newer Backbone.js for the demo application
  • Remove unused frameworks in attachments.