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-- AUTHOR: Geoffrey Grosenbach
-- Put frontmost window on right half
-- Works with most setups
tell application "Finder"
set {screen_left, screen_top, screen_width, screen_height} to bounds of window of desktop
end tell
-- NOTE This may work better with some multi-monitor setups
-- tell application "Safari"
-- set screen_width to (do JavaScript "screen.availWidth" in document 1)
-- set screen_height to (do JavaScript "screen.availHeight" in document 1)
-- end tell
tell application "System Events"
set myFrontMost to name of first item of (processes whose frontmost is true)
tell process myFrontMost
set size of window 1 to {(screen_width/2), screen_height}
set position of window 1 to {(screen_width/2), 20}
end tell
end tell