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-- DESCRIPTION: Takes a folder and shows the total duration of all the movie files in it.
-- AUTHOR: Geoffrey Grosenbach
-- August 29, 2008
on open (args)
set myFolder to (the first item of args)
tell application "Finder"
set movFiles to (files of folder myFolder whose name contains ".mov")
tell application "QuickTime Player"
set totalDuration to 0
repeat with movFile in movFiles
open movFile
set movProperties to the properties of the front document
set movDuration to the duration of movProperties
set totalDuration to totalDuration + movDuration
close the front document
end repeat
end tell
set totalDurationSeconds to totalDuration / 1000
set totalDurationMinutes to (totalDurationSeconds / 60) as integer
set totalDurationSecondRemainder to (totalDurationSeconds mod 60) as integer
tell application "FastScripts"
display message "Duration: " & totalDurationMinutes & ":" & totalDurationSecondRemainder dismissing after delay 10
on error errmsg
-- should anything go wrong let the user know
display dialog errmsg
end try
end open