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  • Added -t/--template CLI option that allows you to specify a Mustache template that ought be used when rendering the final documentation. (Issue #16)

  • More variables in templates:

    • docs?: True if docs contains text of any sort, False if it's empty.
    • code?: True if code contains text of any sort, False if it's empty.
    • empty?: True if both code and docs are empty. False otherwise.
    • header?: True if docs contains only a HTML header. False otherwise.
  • Test suite! (Run rake test)

  • Autodetect file's language if Pygments is installed locally (Issue #19)

  • Autopopulate comment characters for known languages (Issue #20)

  • Correctly parse block comments (Issue #22)

  • Stripping encoding definitions from Ruby and Python files in the same way we strip shebang lines (Issue #21)

Bug Fixes

  • Docco's CSS changed: we updated Rocco's HTML accordingly, and pinned the CSS file to Docco's 0.3.0 tag. (Issues #12 and #23)

  • Fixed code highlighting for shell scripts (among others) (Issue #13)

  • Fixed buggy regex for comment char stripping (Issue #15)

  • Specifying UTF-8 encoding for Pygments (Issue #10)

  • Extensionless file support (thanks to Vasily Polovnyov for the fix!) (Issue #24)

  • Fixing language support for Pygments webservice (Issue #11)


Rocco 0.5 emerged from the hazy mists, complete and unfettered by history.