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Lessons from the Masters

Over the last two years, I've traveled the world to pair with expert designers and developers on short projects to learn their day to day secrets and understand their philosophies. I've condensed this to 45 minutes of tricks, insights, opinions, and old-fashioned rants from Ryan Singer (37signals), Kyle Neath (GitHub), Neven Mrgan (Panic), Zed Shaw, Gary Bernhardt (Destroy All Software), and others.

Geoffrey Grosenbach

As one of the first developers to use Rails, Geoffrey Grosenbach hosted the official Ruby on Rails Podcast for several years before starting the influential PeepCode Screencasts (video tutorials for web developers and alpha geeks). He spends his time documenting undocumented Open Source software and self-producing mini documentaries with innovative developers and designers across the whole range of Open Source languages and software.

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