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== 0.5.4
* Support disabling last point when label is shown [Justin Love]
* Handle missing data (nil) values in area, bar, discrete, smooth [Justin Love]
* Extract method: normalize [Justin Love]
* Support :min and :max options to set graph scale [Justin Love]
== 0.5.2
* Handle case where all data is zero [Silvia Pfeiffer]
== 0.5.1
* Fixed drawing and normalization of bar graph
* Added :target and :target_color to bar graph (draws a horizontal line at a value)
== 0.5.0
* Documentation for bullet graph.
* More bullet options for good_color, satisfactory_color, and bad_color.
* Smooth options for target line value and target_color.
* Sparklinks.plot_to_image returns a Magick::Image object for further manipulation.
* Step option for wider whisker.
== 0.4.8
* Added bullet graph. See or Stephen Few's book _Information Dashboard Design_.
== 0.4.7
* Improved normalization for better display of close, high-values. [Matt Van Horn]
* Improved rendering of closed polyline on smooth graph with undercolor. Far left, right, and bottom of polyline are drawn offscreen so they don't show in the visible graph.
== 0.4.6
* Added :underneath_color option to smooth sparkline. [Cory Forsyth]
== 0.4.5
* Several fixes by Rob Biedenharn
* lib/sparklines_helper.rb: Include example code for generating "data:" URLs (but leave it commented out due to lack of widespread testing)
* lib/sparklines_helper.rb: allow results to be passed in the options hash (i.e., sparkline_tag(nil, :results => [ ... ], ...))
* lib/sparklines.rb: Move calculation of whisker endpoints out of loop
* lib/sparklines.rb: Fix fencepost bug in whisker that caused plot to be 1 pixel short
== 0.4.4
* Fixed stddev rounding bug [Andrew Nutter-Upham]
== 0.4.3
* Minor change for use with Hoe.
== 0.4.2
* Added standard deviation bars [Andrew Nutter-Upham]
== 0.4.1
* Converted to Hoe for rakefile
* Added whisker graph [Luke Francl]
* General cleanup and bug fixes
* Experimental label option
== 0.3.0
* Changed to a Class for maintainability
* All values are normalized (except pie)
* A single value can be passed for the pie percentage (instead of an Array)
== 0.2.7
* Fixed bug where last element of bar graph wouldn't go to the bottom [Esad Hajdarevic]
== 0.2.5
* Tests now use Test::Unit
* Bar type added
== 0.2.1
* Added line_color option for smooth graphs
* Now available as a gem ('gem install sparklines') and as a rails generator ('gem install sparklines_generator')
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