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== 1.2.0 (2009-12-14)
This release introduces metrics backed by ActiveRecord. Use them when your model is already tracking a metric, and you get instant historical data.
Example, track sign ups using User model:
metric "Signups" do
model Account
Example, track satisfaction using Survey model:
metric "Satisfaction" do
model Survey, :average=>:rating
Example, track only high ratings:
metric "High ratings" do
model Rating, :conditions=>["stars >= 4"]
There's no need to call track! on these metrics.
* Added: Metrics backed by ActiveRecord.
* Added: track! and ab_test methods now available from Object (i.e. everywhere).
* Added: Playground.load!. Now loading all metrics and experiments from Rails initializer.
* Changed: Decoupled metric name from identifier. You can now define a metric with more descriptive name, e.g. "Cheers per second (user satisfaction)" and keep their ID simple. Identifier is matched against the file name (for metrics loaded from experiments/metrics).
* Changed: Metrics no longer defined on-demand, i.e. calling playground.metric either returns existing metric or raises exception.
* Changed: Playground.experiments returns hash instead of array.
* Changed: All dates in report are UTC, since we don't know which locale to use.
* Removed: Object.experiment is deprecated, please call Vanity.playground.experiment directly.
* Fixed: Playground no longer changes logging level on supplied logger.
== 1.1.1 (2009-12-4)
* Fixed: Binding issue that shows up on 1.8.6/7.
== 1.1.0 (2009-12-4)
This release introduces metrics. Metrics are the gateway drug to better software.
It’s as simple as defining a metric:
metric "Cheers" do
description "They love us, don't they?"
Tracking it from your code:
track! :cheers
And watching the graph from the Dashboard.
You can (should) also use metrics with your A/B tests, for example:
ab_test "Pricing options" do
metrics :signup
alternatives 15, 25, 29
This new usage may become requirement in a future release.
Much thanks to Ian Sefferman for fixing issues with Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails support.
* Added: Metrics.
* Added: Use Vanity.playground.mock! when running tests and you'd rather not access a live Redis server.
* Changed: A/B tests now using metrics for tracking.
* Changed: Now throwing NameError instead of LoadError when failing to load experiment/metric. NameError can be rescued on same line.
* Changed: New, easier URL mapping for Dashboard: map.vanity "/vanity", :controller=>:vanity.
* Changed: All tests are green on Ruby 1.8.6, 1.8.7 and 1.9.1.
* Changed: Switched to redis-rb from
* Deprecated: Please call experiment method with experiment identifier (a symbol) and not experiment name.
== 1.0.0 (2009-11-19)
This release changes the way you define a new experiment. You can use a method suitable for the type of experiment you want to define, or call the generic define method (previously: experiment method). For example:
ab_test "My A/B test" do
alternatives :a, :b
The experiment method is no longer overloaded: it looks up an experiment (loading its definition if necessary), but does not define an experiment. The ab_test method is overloaded, though this may change in the future.
In addition, the ab_goal! method is now track!. This method may be used for other tests in the future.
* Added: A/B test report now showing number of participants.
* Added: AbTest.score method accepts minimum probability (default 90), and
* Removed: Experiment.reset! method. Destroy and save have the same effect.
* Changed: Playground.define now requires an experiment type, ab_test is not the default any more.
* Changed: When you run Vanity in development mode (configuration.cache_classes = false), it will reload experiments on each request. You can also Vanity.playground.reload!.
* Changed: Fancy AJAX trickery in Rails console.
* Changed: You can break long experiment descriptions into multiple paragraphs using two consecutive newlines.
* Changed: AbTest confidence becomes probability; only returns choice alternative with probability equal or higher than that.
* Changed: ab_goal! becomes track!.
* Changed: Console becomes Dashboard, which is less confusing with rails console (script/console).
== 0.3.1 (2009-11-13)
* Changed: Redis 1.0 is now vendored into Vanity. This means one less dependecy ... actually two, since Redis brings with it RSpec.
== 0.3.0 (2009-11-13)
* Added: score now includes least performing alternatives, names and values.
* Added: shiny reports.
* Added: Rails console shows current experiments status and also allows you to choose which alternative you want to see.
* Changed: letters instead of numbers for options (option 1 => option A).
* Changed: experiment.alternatives is now an immutable snapshot.
* Changed: experiment.score returns populated alternative objects instead of structs.
* Changed: experiment.chooses uses Redis to store state, better for (when we get to) browser integration.
* Changed: experiment.chooses skips recording participant or conversion.
* Changed: to MIT license.
== 0.2.2 (2009-11-12)
* Added: vanity binary, with single command for generating a report.
* Added: return alternative by value from experiment.alternative(val) method.
* Added: reset an experiment by calling reset!.
* Added: experiment alternative name (option 1, option 2, etc).
* Added: new scoring algorithm: use experiment.score instead of alternative.z_score/confidence.
* Added: experiment.conclusion for plain English results.
== 0.2.1 (2009-11-11)
* Added: z-score and confidence level for A/B test alternatives.
* Added: test auto-completion and auto-outcome (complete_it, outcome_is).
* Changed: default alternatives are now false/true, so if can't decide outcome, fall back on false.
== 0.2.0 (2009-11-10)
* Added: experiment method on object, used to define and access experiments.
* Added: playground configuration (Vanity.playground.namespace = , etc).
* Added: use_vanity now accepts block instead of symbol.
* Changed: Vanity::Helpers becomes Vanity::Rails.
* Changed: A/B test experiments alternatives now handled using Alternatives object.
* Removed: A/B test measure method no longer in use.
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