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Project Maturity Scorecard

Top Hat's open source projects are scored from 1-4, where levels 3 and 4 are considered ready for production use.

Below, you'll find what features and level of support you can find at each level.

You can find a detailed scorecard with individual tracking for each project here.

1 - New Project

Maturity badge - level 1

Projects at this level are under heavy development and should not be used in production. However, once a project hits level one, expect some baseline project infrastructure to be present.

2 - First Release

Maturity badge - level 2

Projects at this level will have their core feature set defined and finished, as well as basic infrastructure such as CI, a test suite, and a dedicated owner internally. Some documentation may be incomplete, and automatic releases may not yet be in place. We recommend not using projects at this level in production but they should be stable enough for non-critical systems.

3 - Stable

Maturity badge - level 3

Stable projects are ones that are used internally at Top Hat in production and have mature infrastructure around releasing, testing, and versioning. Additionally, expect projects labelled as "stable" to include fairly complete documentation with code examples and some level of community support.

4 - Critical

Maturity badge - level 4

Critical projects are used not only in production at Top Hat but at other companies. These will have the highest levels of support and documentation, as well as a long term roadmap.