You will find here my first steps on BabylonJS. Those are only tests ...
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BabylonJS first steps

Those are my first steps on BabylonJS. I'm creating a class that will let you manipulate 3d cones with eyes. There is a full API (doc's here), if you wan't to take a look at the Cone.js file : there you go.

You can simply use the Cone.js file, or if you wan't to go further, here are the steps for development and generating doc.

You may take a look at the example ...

More infos on this blog post.

After you have cloned the repository :

  • npm install
  • grunt serve will launch an http server for the src folder

Those steps are not mandatory, but it can be comfortable to have an http server.

You can generate the API doc of /src/js/vendor/Cone/Cone.js by running npm run yuidoc.