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2.0.0 - 2013-08-15

  • changed the whole code to become requireJS compliant
  • removed all PhoneGapp code and shut down the android app support
  • added support for android chrome and firefox mobile
  • added html5 cache support for offline gaming
  • added better feature detection of accelerometer
  • added accelerometer emulator on desktop (not only for development but for game testing too)
  • patched remotetilt (the emulator) a little so that it could window.postMessage() to the game window - you can now drop bombs hitting space as you manage the ball on desktop !
  • changed jQuery for Zepto + not used in the home page
  • removed zynga viewporter
    • use window.onresize to check orientation change (which is more reliable than window.orientation which has multiple implementation)
    • use css media queries for orientation lock screen
  • plugged in my grunt workflow which basically (more here) :
    • creates a minified build of the js/css (only 1 js file, 1 css file)
    • creates the html5 cache manifest
    • more here ...

1.0.0 - 2012-04-01

  • use of Ball.js for collision detection / animations / display
  • window.DeviceMotionEvent support on Apple mobile Safari devices, directly playable in browser
  • accelerometer support for Android devices, packaging the code into a PhoneGap app
  • use of remote-tilt while developping for testing motion events
  • HighScores saved inside localStorage
  • landscape orientation lockscreen - landscape detection via zynga viewporter v2.0