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I don't pretend this is the best solution. Since I thought it could be usefull to other people, I wanted to share it.


  • Prerequisite
    • Install nodeJS
    • Install grunt (globally, to have the grunt command line) doing : npm install -g grunt-cli
  • At the root of your project, run npm install , it will install locally all the node modules needed (all referenced in the package.json file at the root of the project).

##File organization

##Grunt commands

Now that you've made the installation, you'll have access to different command lines (those aren't grunt's default command lines, those are tasks I registred in the Gruntfile.js, feel free to check how it works and adapt it to your own needs):

###grunt build

  • What does it do ?
    • cleans the release/ folder
    • copy all files from src/ to release/ (automatic because using requireJS)
    • resolves/minifies all the requireJS dependencies into 1 file (also containing requireJS)
    • minifies the css
    • removes any unnecessary files such as :
      • all js minified files (we don't need them any more)
      • all html files (we will process them after)
    • creates an .htaccess file for apache servers with AddType text/cache-manifest .appcache inside (so that the appcache files will be recognised as a manifest on apache servers if you don't have the type) - htacessToTransfer is copied for this task
    • copy/processes the html files like templates adding version number (from package.json) + buildNumber
      • game.release.html becomes game.html (it has a link to the manifest and a direct call to the build via requireJS)
    • creates an html5 cache manifest file in release/manifest.appcache - see the manifest task in the Gruntfile to match with your needs
  • requireJS configuration
    • src/js/require.config.js : this is the configuration where you set baseUrl, paths, shim, etc … It is used client side in debug mode
    • requirejs.compile.options.js : this file is called at build time, it has a reference to the previous file (so that you declare your requireJS config only once) :
      • you can specify which module you want to build (you can make multiple builds like a game would need a runtime.js and levelEditor.js)
    • see how different require is called in :

###grunt server

Just run this command, it will start a server with src/ directory as baseUrl and will open it in your browser at localhost:9002 (see connect task).

You don't have to have an Apache server anymore !

###grunt server-release

Same as grunt server, but it will launch the server with release/ directory as baseUrl.

###grunt deploy

  • Prerequisite
    • rename grunt.options.default.json to grunt.options.json
    • set the correct host, port and dest for your ftp server
    • it's in .gitignore by default
    • create .ftppass and put the correct credentials (see grunt-ftp-deploy): {"key1": {"username": "username1","password": "password1"}}
    • it's in .gitignore by default
  • Use
    • after you made a build with grunt build, just type grunt deploy, it will upload your release folder by ftp at the destination you set.