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Test the project at

This project was scaffolded with yeoman and its angular-fullstack generator.

There is a minimalist backend written in NodeJS, with express which calls the JCDecaux API to get the availability of their bikes and bike's stands in real time on their self-service bike offer.

The challenge was more in the frontent, to use AngularJS, inside the yeoman workflow, using different techs such as :

  • the yeoman / grunt / bower stack
  • sass with bootstrap
  • google maps API
  • build and send to heroku

More on this blog post.

Needed :

  • NodeJS
  • Sass / Compass gem install compass
  • Grunt - see npm install grunt-cli -g
  • Bower npm install bower -g

First, go to and get an api key.

Init :

  1. npm install (to install all node_modules needed for dev and prod)
  2. bower install (to install the front dependencies)
  3. grunt copy:config (will create the config files in lib/config/env from the template)
    • in lib/config/env/development.js, set your correct apiKey.

Development :

grunt serve : Will launch the server with livereload.


To build your site : grunt build

Once you've built, to test in real : set your NODE_ENV to production (the server based on express needs to know that, also, if you host the solution, you would have to set it on your server).

  • SET NODE_ENV=production (windows)
  • export NODE_ENV=production (linux / OS X)

To launch your built solution : node dist/server.js then go to http://localhost:3000

Make sure to put back NODE_ENV the way it was ("development" or nothing) when you get back to testing.

Launch to heroku

The yeoman fullstack generator is great. All you have to do (assuming you have already installed the heroku belt), is to :

  • grunt build-heroku
  • cd dist
  • git push heroku master

See more here :


AngularJS side project made up with the yeoman angular fullstack. Find out the availability of bikes and bike's stands of the JCDecaux self-service bikes



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