My general notes taken on the fly while watching the M102 for DBA courses
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Note: No answers to any homeworks or final exam included.

M102 - General notes

About a year and a half ago, I attended the M101JS : MongoDB for NodeJS Developers. Since then, MongoDB university launches courses about every four three months.

I decided to attend to the M102: MongoDB for DBAs and successfully completed.

I'm not a DBA. I don't pretend to be or become one, but since I was in web development, I've been working with databases. Here are the reasons why I attended this course :

  • I've already passed the M101 for developers. Whatever, it's a good way to refresh my mind about all those concepts
  • It's more focused on scalability, performance, from an administrator's point of view : always good to know (even in pure development, can be reusable)

This repo contains my general notes, taken on the fly while watching the video courses. I may need them as a reminder for later and it might help someone else ...



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