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create-react-app is a great toolkit. It removes a lot of boilerplate to manage. Though, a few features are not shipped by default because each developer has different needs.

If you tend to use the same kind of configuration / devDependencies accross all of your create-react-app based projects, there isn't a perfect solution. This project is an attempt to fix this problem and share it with you.

What's in it ?

I added the specific configuration / devDependencies I tend to use on my projects, such as:

  • 9c0fa1b eslint with advanced rules such as config-airbnb + prettier with precommit hook
  • b2a4026 local test server
  • 74d81b2 setup build metadatas in index.html
  • 62fbc3a generate-changelog npm run task
  • f69bb96 setup default .travis.yml
  • 0f2c3d6 add deploy task

Each feature added can be identified by its commit, if you want to repeat only one of the steps on your own project.

This configuration has been inspired by topheman/npm-registry-browser, a project where I use all of the above (and more).

This remains an un-ejected create-react-app project, which means that you can:

  • update react-scripts
  • customize or remove any of the features added

The original CRA guidelines are still available here


  • Nodejs v8
  • npm v5


git clone
cd my-react-app-starter
npm install


npm start


npm run build

Will build a production version of the website in the build folder.


Once you've built you're app, you can test the build on a local server with:

npm run serve


The following command will run all your tests in a single run mode.

npm test


  • npm run test:unit : single run of the unit tests
  • npm run test:unit:watch : run the unit tests in watch mode

End to end

No end to end test configured yet.


I use eslint to check the coding style, with the following presets:

The following command will run the linter on your code base. This task is ran at pre-commit to ensure code quality.

npm run lint


Prettier is a great tool that enforces a consistent style accross your code base (usefull when working in teams).

Here is how to integrate it with your editor.

Once it's done, when you'll save a file, it will reformat it.

The following command will let you format your code base. This task is ran at pre-commit.

npm run pretty

Commit guidelines

To have uniform commit messages, I follow the AngularJS git commit guidelines, please take a look at it. I helps generate changelogs:

npm run generate-changelog -- v1.1.0 v1.2.0

Continuous Integration (CI)

This part is optional. A .travis.yml file is ready to use.

Each git push triggers a test suite on travis. The following will be ran:

  • linting
  • unit tests

One of the following npm task will take care of the testing according of the commit:

  • For PRs: npm run test:travis:pr Travis CI doesn't share env vars on PR builds (this is so that your build would not fail if you were using those vars)
  • For other types of commits: npm run test:travis


You can use github-pages to host your project. All you need to do is to push your build on a gh-pages orphan branch, your project will be accessible at https://<owner><repo>.

This task can be automated using the gh-pages package, as specified in the CRA Readme. This task is already setup. All you have to do is:

npm run deploy

The demo of this website is hosted at