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# "Cursor 10" Bot
  A bot that beats the flash game "Cursor 10." Original game available here:

  The game is played by controlling a series of cursor lives, each of which is
  played back on every successive life. To beat the game, the lives must
  coordinate between each other to solve puzzles and defeat obstacles.

## Usage 
  The bot is run by playing each cursor (eight in all) at the appropriate
  time. After the project is imported, the cursor can be run from the REPL
  with the (run-cursor [num]) function:

    (use 'cursor-10.core)
    (run-cursor 1)

  Run each cursor at the correct time to beat the game. Most cursors must wait
  for the others before it to accomplish their tasks, so it takes some
  experimentation to know when to time each cursor start. The game gives 10
  lives, so if you mess up the timing on a life you do have some second
  changes to run them again.

  If the mouse is not hitting the correct locations, adjust your 'offset'
  constant, located in the start of core.clj. The offset is the top-left pixel
  of the start of the flash game on the page.

## More info
  The source for this project is on github:

  I've written a blog post about this project, available here:

  From the blog post, here is a Youtube video of the bot in action:

## License
  Copyright Topher Brown <>, 2011. Released under the MIT