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LED Taillight on Arduino


The LED Taillight is a resurrected taillight (yes, from a car) that has been outfitted with new LEDs and an ethernet Arduino. Users can cause the Taillight to blink again by sending messages to the Arduino's network server.

Blog post

A blog post explaining the origin of the project is available here: If you're still confused, it even has pictures.

Network Spec

Our network server listens on Open a socket to that port to send messages to the Taillight.

Clients talking to our network control the LED status through a character stream message consisting of a four one-digit integers. Each integer represents the new mode for one of the LEDS.


0: Off

1: Steady on

2: Blink slowly

3: Blink normal speed

4: Blink fast

5: Pulse


For example, if I wished to pulse all the LEDs, I would send the message '5555'.

Turning on LEDs #0 and #1, pulsing #2, and turning off #3 would be '1150'.


v1.01: New network spec - one must send new modes for all LEDs with every message, instead of setting each one at a time.

v1.00: Initial release!


The source for this project is available on Github:


Copyright Topher Brown, 2012. Released under the MIT license.