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(ns rowland_primes.core)
(declare shortcut)
(declare factors-memoized)
(defn gcd
"Returns the greatest common denominator of two ints"
[a b]
(if (> a b) (gcd b a) ;; make sure a < b
(if (= a 0) b ;; if a == 0, return b
(gcd a (mod b a)))))
(def seq1
#(if (= % 1) 7
;; Using n-2 since we're starting our sequence at 1
(+ (nth seq1 (- % 2)) (gcd % (nth seq1 (- % 2)))))
(iterate inc 1)))
(def seq2
;; Elements in seq2 are the difference between sucessive elements of seq1
(fn [n] (- (nth seq1 (+ n 1)) (nth seq1 n)))
(iterate inc 0)))
(def seq3
;; Elements in seq3 are all of seq2, not including 1's
(filter #(not= % 1) seq2))
(defn factors
"Returns a list of the prime factors of n"
(if (= n 1) '() ;; (factors 1) == '()
(loop [i 2]
(if (= (mod n i) 0)
(cons i (factors-memoized (/ n i))) ;; found a factor- look for more
(recur (inc i))))))
(def factors-memoized (memoize factors))
(defn lpf
"Returns the lowest prime factor of n"
(if (= n 1) 1
(first (factors-memoized n))))
(def lpf (memoize lpf))
(defn sum-shortcut
"Returns the sum of the first n elements of shortcut"
(reduce + (take n shortcut)))
(def sum-shortcut (memoize sum-shortcut))
(def shortcut
;; Generates the same as seq3, but uses a mathmatical shortcut
#(lpf (+ (- 6 %) (sum-shortcut (- % 1))))
(iterate inc 1)))
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