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Devpi Dockerfile

This repository contains a Dockerised implementation of Devpi for Docker's trusted build published to the public Docker Registry.

Thanks to Stefano Apostolico for the original. This fork updates the base platform to reduce the scary number of security issues, and adds a Concourse build pipeline, since that's the way my project is going for components and products. I appreciate Stefano's attention to OS signal traps in the main entrypoint script.



This image is specifically designed for deployment from to K8s via my Helm Chart, and will be maintained with that purpose in mind, but it can also be used directly.

  1. Install Docker.

  2. Download the image:

docker pull

(alternatively, you can build an image from the Dockerfile: docker build -t="russf/docker-devpi"


Run devpi-server

docker run -d --name devpi -p 3141:3141 -v /data/devpi_index:/mnt russf/docker-devpi

Create reusable container

docker create --name devpi -p 3141:3141 -v /data/devpi_index:/mnt russf/docker-devpi

docker start devpi

Devpi creates a user named root by default. Its password can be set with the DEVPI_PASSWORD environment variable.

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